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hold my breath unless i'm smoking cigarettes
chasing death but i know it won't last
fuck the world it's yours to take
i don't want it anyway
build a better life
build a better world
don't give into vice
find yourself a girl
rid of all desire
i'm drunk but never tire
too fucked up to get the lights
running up bills all night
headless dog cower under table in thunderstorm
earth is torn
emerge the worm
my shoes are worn
i plant the corn
but it won't grow
in a wasteland

i threw away my only chance
and yesterday was garbage day
so i know it won't come back
i know the thing i lack
the instinct to survive
it's impossible to thrive
i'm giving up
who gives a fuck

hormone pheromone reality
ignorant of finality
keep existing aimlessly
hope it all end painlessly
down on meat street checking
see that screw keep begging
i grab the neck
i make it wet
it pass the test
i'll never rest
high and drunk
burnt hair
clutch hand
let go
spit back
i make it crack
the bodies stack
like in the pit
living in shit
i tie the rope
the time approach
can't be untied
won't be denied
this is it
stop crying bitch
stop crying bitch


from Subhuman Filth, released September 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Subhuman Filth Cincinnati, Ohio

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